Oct 2017
Eductor (penductor) systems
1st Oct 2017

Eductor Solution Agitation – How to improve Agitation of Plating Solutions

Solution agitation is employed with the intent of causing a mechanical scouring action with sufficient mixing in order to provide and maintain solution homogeneity. This sounds very simple, but as in all real-world situations, things aren’t as simple as they first appear.
Jul 2017
31st Jul 2017

Kynar PVDF Resin Melt Blown Filter Cartridges with Cores


FPMBC series filters are graded density melt blown type depth filters made from KYNAR-PVDF resin fibers over a robust molded PVDF core. The filters are optionally available on other cores (such as SS) or coreless. These all-fluoropolymer filters provide fine filtration from 0.50 micron to 25 microns and offer improved compatibility with difficult fluids that would cause many other common filter materials to degrade or swell.
Mar 2017
23rd Mar 2017

Filter Pump Announces New Line of Stainless Steel Filter Systems

Filter Pump Industries proudly announces a new line of Stainless Steel filter systems that offer outstanding durability and corrosion resistance across a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.
Jul 2016
eductor configigurators
14th Jul 2016

Solutions for Efficient Metal Finishing Operations

The U.S. Department of Energy passed a final rule, effective June 2016, that covers 1 – 500 HP (0.75 – 370 kW) three-phase electric motors. This new law will supersede the existing Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.
The motors regulated under expanded scope meet the following nine characteristics: