Penguin Horizontal Magnetic Pumps

Magnetic Sealless Drive PumpsSERIES M MAGNETIC SEALLESS DRIVE PUMPS are corrosion resistant to a wide range of chemical solutions including acids, alkalies and caustics up to 180ºF. There is no shaft seal, so there is no seal wear or leakage and there is no seal friction to cause loss of pumping power. The only moving parts inside the pump volute are the impeller magnet assembly and the bushing, which rotates on the pure ceramic spindle. Powerful impeller and drive magnets provide full torque, prevent slippage and give instant start-up.

Penguin magnetic sealless drive pumps are constructed of polypropylene and/or ryton, carbon or chemloy or ryton/teflon (bushing), ceramic (spindle and thrust washers) and viton (O-ring). As an option, single phase motors are wired for 115V and supplied with cord and grounding plug.Model M-3/4 can be supplied as a self-priming unit using a 1HP motor. Also as an option, Penguin priming chambers can be supplied to other M series pumps to facilitate priming the pump and reduce the danger of running the pump dry. Mounted on a common polypropylene base, the priming chamber is piped directly to the suction of the pump with a flow valve on the pump discharge. Casters can be added for portability. 316 SS and Kynar construction are available on many models.

Recommended Applications:
• Transferring
• Filtering
• Recirculation
• Mixing
• Replenishment


• Seal-less
• No Metal Contact
• Bearing-free
• Chemical Resistant
• Leakproof
• Available in 316 SS, Kynar and Polypropylene• Flows to 200GPM; pressure to 150 ft. TDH

pdf icon Download M Polypro Magnetic Drive Pump-203-C Spare Parts Guide

pdf icon Download M Polypro Magnetic Drive Pump 203-M Bulletin






The Penguin MTD Series magnetic sealless drive pumps incorporate the latest design in magnetic drive sealless centrifugal pumps. MTD series uses the strongest Neodymium magnets intended to handle specific gravity to 1.8. Hydraulically efficient and constructed of highly corrosion resistant materials makes this latest model the best choice in magnetic drive pumps. The MTD series supplied with a carbon bushing can withstand extended dry running.

Recommended Applications:
• Chemical processing
• Plating
• Water and wastewater
• Electronics
• Pharmaceuticals
• Wet scrubber
• Pulp and paper
• Heat exchanger
• High operating efficiency
• Extended run dry ability (with carbon bushing)
• East set, measurement-free drive
• Mounts to NEMA and IEC motor frames
• Back pullout design
• Replacement shaft
• ISO 1940 G2.5 balancing
• CE certified/ATEX available