Penguin Multi-stage Horizontal Diffuser Pumps

horizontal diffuserSERIES HD MULTI-STAGE HORIZONTAL DIFFUSER PUMPS (Model HD-1-1/2-2) are designed for higher pressure and moderate flow rate applications. Series HD pumps create flows with pressures comparable to pumps having impellers 2 or 3 times their size with less disk friction loss. In lieu of using a single large diameter impeller, the same pressure can be obtained by utilizing two or more smaller impellers in series. Thus, smaller pump cases are needed requiring less installation space. The diffuser vanes required to guide the fluid from one impeller to the next creates hydraulic balance radially, thus providing higher efficiency and a quiet smooth operation.  Penguin diffuser pumps are constructed of CPVC and 316SS or optional titanium shaft with temperatures to 200°F. HD Series pumps are available 2-stage, 1-1/2hp and 2 hp, and 3-stage, 2 hp or 3 hp. Three-phase motors are shipped unwired.

Recommended Applications:
• Solution Filtering
• Transfer Pumping
• Recirculation Spray/Rinse
• Photographic Processors and Developers
• OEM Wet Process Equipment
• Water and Waste Treatment

• Corrosion resistant
• Optimum Efficiency
• Available Single or 2-Stage: 1-1/2, 2, or 3hp
• Higher Pressures w/Corresponding Moderate Flow Rates
• Diplo Springless Seal
• 316SS or Optional Titanium Shafts
• Diffuser