Penguin String Wound Cartridge Filters

String Wound Filter Cartridges Carbon FIltersPenguin’s string  wound filter cartridges and carbon filters are manufactured using a high speed, continuous wind process which creates a superior one-piece filter with hundreds of diamond shaped tunnels that get progressively smaller from the outer diameter to the core. Finer particles are progressively trapped as fluid travels to the center of the filter allowing for much greater retention capacity than that which is associated with straight surface filter media of the same dimensions and porosity. The winding pattern provides 3.5 square feet per 10″ cartridge filter. For each 10″ filter length there will be approximately 1/2 to 1 lb. retention of solids before replacement becomes necessary. The amount of solids retained depends on the type of solids in the solution as well as the head pressure developed by the pump.

Our string wound filter cartridges reject and carbon filters particles from as low as 0.5 micron to 150 micron and are available in standard lengths ranging from 3″ to 40″, or longer on special orders. We offer a standard nominal 1″ inside diameter and optional inside diameters of 7/8″, 1 3/8″, and 30mm. Our standard outside diameter is 2 1/2″ with optional outside diameters ranging from 2″ to 4 1/2″. Thus, you can tailor your filtration system to your specific needs and economics, whether it be for single pass or recirculation filtration.

Penguin offers a wide selection of wind and core materials for our string wound filter cartridges and carbon filters so you can select the appropriate combination for your filtration needs. Wind materials include: standard, fibrillated, FDA and utility grade polypropylene, natural cotton, bleached cotton, rayon, polyester, nylon, modacrylic, and heat cleaned glass fiber. Core materials include: polypropylene, tin plated steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel.

Penguin’s string wound filter cartridges and carbon filters offer true depth filtration with high dirt holding capacity and extremely low media migration. Thus, even when the particle distribution of the contaminant is broad, Penguin filters have excellent dirt holding capacity because of density and structure. Therefore, it is not unusual for a set of cartridges to filter many millions of gallons of fluid before requiring replacement. This means less equipment downtime, extended life for chemical solutions, cleaners, oils, coolants, and liquids, not to mention the savings in labor and materials.

Recommended Applications:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics/Plating
  • Coatings
  • Magnetic Coatings
  • Photo Emulsions
  • Food and Beverage
  • Photo Processing
  • Oil Patch


  • True Depth Filtration
  • Various Core and Wind Material
  • Combinations, including Preleached Filbrillated Polypropylene
  • Chemical and Temperature Compatibility
  • Wide Choice of Porosities


Polypropylene String Wound Filter





Polyester String Wound Filter 
Chemical resistance similar to polypropylene, with higher temperature resistance. For use to 350˚F.

Nylon String Wound Filter






Nylon String Wound Filter
For special process applications, concentrated alkalies, and hydrocarbons.
Excellent micro-organism resistance. For use to 300˚F.

Cotton String Wound Filter





Cotton String Wound Filter
For oils, water, paints, organic solvents, alcohols, and petroleum. Non-FDA applications. For use to 300˚F.

Fiberglass String Wound Filter





Fiberglass String Wound Filter
Traces of oil sizing removed by heat cleaning, yielding virgin glass fiber. Recommended for high temperatures and high corrosion applications. For use to 750˚F.

Polypropylene String Wound Filter





Polypropylene String Wound Filter 
Recommended for concentrated acids and alkalies, strong oxidizing agents, corrosive fluids, and gases. FDA/Non-FDA available. Excellent microorganism  resistance. For use to 200˚F.






Fibrillated Polypropylene String Wound Filter 

Non-migrating slit film polypropylene-free of extractables recommended for use in ultra-pure liquids, electronics, and plating where non-leaching is critical. No extractables or sizing agents present.

Bleached Cotton String Wound Filter





Bleached Cotton String Wound Filter 

Bleached to meet FDA standards for distilled water, beverages, vegetable oils, petroleum, fatty acids, and alcohols. For use to 300˚F. Poor micro-organism resistance.

Modacrylic String Wound Filter






Modacrylic String Wound Filter
For strong acids, concentrated alkalies, and oxidizing agents. For use to 200˚F. Not recommended for organic solvents.

Rayon String Wound Filter





Rayon String Wound Filter 





Fluid compatibility similar to bleached cotton, but with more coarse fibers, and less absorbent than cotton. Swells in aqueous solutions. For use to 300˚F.

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