Penguin Bag Filters

Bag FiltersPenguin polypropylene single layered felt bag filters are available in micron ratings from 1 to 100. Polypropylene mesh monofilament bags are available in micron ratings greater than 100 micron through 300 micron. Bag rings are fabricated in PVC coated steel or optional 316SS. Bags are offered with nominal 5” and 7” diameter openings in single and double lengths. Penguin bag filtration systems are designed for electroless nickel or any other solution which requires rapid trunover for tanks to 250 gallons. This system does not restrict the flow as in standard depth filtration systems. Constructed of CPVC and polypropylene in contact with the solution being pumped. Series BF is designed to handle a large range of chemicals without difficulty. Series BF systems are eay to install and operate and are virtually maintenance free. All systems have been tested for proper operation before leaving the factory.Standard features for bag filtration systems include sealless CPVC vertical pump with dry-run capability with rigid piped over-sized pump bracket provides additional support & strength to the filter bag riser and eliminates the bag stand. Bag filters are corrosion & chemical resistant with a by-pass line with flow-control valve, 5 micron polypropylene bag with PVC or SS coated steel ring. The Compact design requires minimum tank space, In-tank or out-of-tank lip mounted, and self-priming when pump is fully immersed in liquid. Our Bag filters are Surface loaded for contaminant reduction. Additional filter bags in various micron ratings and double lengths are available. Consult the factory for stock items. There is no set timetable for filter bag replacement. The frequency of bag replacement varies based on type of solution, if continuous operation, filter bag micron porosity as well as particle size and distribution. A visual inspection is normally satisfactory. A byass valve is included in the BF filter system. By closing the flow valve and opening the bypass valve, this system can be used for transferring.