SERIES CBK Bag Filter Chambers & Housings CBK filter Chambers are designed for flow rates up to 100GPM, while handling the most stringentapplications. All facets of the filter chambers design and manufacturing process have been focused on the user being able to achieve ease in serving. The construction materials are CPVC, PVDF or Polypropylene. The process, and vent valve connections have been constructed utilizing the latest technology in welding (IR/Butt Fusion) pure unpigmented Polypro and PVDF.

▪ All CPVC, PP, PVDF Materials
▪ High Flow Rates
▪ IR/Butt Fusion PP, PVDF
▪ Side Entry
▪ High Purity Water
▪ Electroless Nickel Plating
▪ Plating Baths
▪ Rinse Tanks
▪ Bulk Chemical Filtration
▪ Wet Processing
▪ IPA Pre-Wetting