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PLASTIC GAUGE AND GUARDPENGUIN PLASTIC GAUGE AND GUARD is a compact, molded design consisting of two threaded fluid chambers. There is no possibility of leakage due to uneven screwed components.

Both pieces contain a matching groove which confines the true O-ring incorporated on the OD of the impermeable diaphragm.

A bleed plug and O-ring are included in the design for proper filling of the incompressible liquid in the gauge side chamber. This prevents air entrapment, thus providing an accurate reading with no needle vibrations.

The choice of materials permits these gauge guards to be utilized on highly corrosive and ultra-pure solutions. Gauge guards are available preassembled at the factory with pressure ratings of 0-30, 0-60, 0-100 or 0-160 (PSIG). Guards can also be purchased separately from gauges.

The instrument connection is 1/4” NPT. The process connection is 1/4” or 1/2” NPT.


• Choice of materials: Body: CPVC, Natural Polypropylene or Natural PVD; Diaphragm: Viton or EPDM
• Maintains system purity; no possible leakage
• No clumsy metal fasteners
• Impermeable diaphragm with integral O-ring
• Bleed port for filling helps eliminate air
• Flats on both threaded fluid chambers for proper tightening
• No metal contact with solution
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penductor systemsPENGUIN PENDUCTOR SYSTEMS are designed for in-tank mixing using the tank fluid as the mixing medium for solution agitation. Simple in design, these systems are easy to install, operate, and maintain. Simplex systems consist of one (1) Penductor manifold assembly, hose clamps, and 10 feet of hose. Duplex systems consist of two (2) Penductor manifold assemblies, two (2) nipples, tee, hose clamps, and 10 feet of hose. Some assembly is required on both of these systems.

Penductors utilize the fluid inside the tank reservoir as the “motive” fluid, which is defined as the fluid flowing through the Penductor nozzle. The high velocity motive fluid entrains the liquid near the suction openings of the Penductor, and mixes this liquid thoroughly as it passes through the diffuser. The resulting plume of mixed fluid, flowing at an intermediate velocity, now proceeds to mix and agitate the remaining tank liquid.




polypro and pvdf sparging penductorPENGUIN POLYPRO AND PVDF SPARGING PENDUCTORS are efficient space saving eductor’s designed specifically for the process / metal finishing industry for fluid sparging applications.

The nozzle design utilizes the same orifice size as a typical 3/8” NPT tank mixing eductor, with a larger connection size, which provides the same flow characteristics with less pressure drop. This can reduce the horsepower required on larger systems. The larger connection sizes allow you to use standard reducing tees without extra bushings or reducing couplings, saving you valuable tank space.

The diffuser was designed with a larger plume dispersion angle for more uniform agitation and a lower profile to allow you to utilize your tank space more efficiently.


• Custom Colors Available on Request Consult Factory
• 3 Sizes available: 3/8”, 3/4”, 1”
• Lower profile helps save your valuable tank space and makes for easier retrofits
• Larger connection sizes eliminate the need for multiple bushings when using standard fittings or
our P-Series pumps
• Larger plume dispersion angle helps eliminate dead spots between eductors
• Maximum temperature 280ºF (PVDF)