Penguin Pumps offer the most advanced pumps for every industrial application. Penguin pumps are ruggedly constructed yet compact, energy-efficient, easily maintained, corrosion-resistant, capable of handling both high temperatures and high flow rates and feature the latest hydraulic technology.


Penguin mixers are designed for efficient and trouble-free operation based on properly engineered mechanical designs. All Peguin mixers operate below the first critical speed zone, the ratio of the operating speed to the critical speed.


Penguin filter chambers are constructed of CPVC, polypropylene or PVDF to offer corrosion resistance for the most difficult of alkalies and acids. They contain no metal or metal coated parts to be exposed to chemicals.


Penguin penductor systems are designed for in-tank mixing using the tank fluid as the mixing medium for solution agitation. Simple in design, these systems are easy to install, operate, and maintain. Simplex systems consist of one (1) Penductor manifold assembly, hose clamps, and 10 feet of hose.


Penguin filtration systems are available in numerous sizes to serve all medium and large volume tanks. All material in contact with the solution is high temperature CPVC providing a highly corrosion resistant filter system with no wearing parts.


Penguin filter cartridges utilize the highest quality media materials manufactured in the United States. From cotton and polypropylene string wound to specialized resin-pur, our filter cartridges can accommodate many different fluids for a vast array of industry applications


Pengruin precious metal recovery systems are a simple, economical method for reclaiming gold and other precious metals from processing rinse water and drag-out tanks. The ion exchange resin is considered to be hydrophilic in nature and displays excellent cation exchange resin properties and characteristics in absorbing positively charged metal ions from process streams.


Filter Pump Industries is proud to manufacture all of their products right in Southern California. We are continually researching new and innovative technologies and employing those into our product lines to give our customers the latest and most cutting edge systems for their specific applications.

Our strength is product durability and pump design performance. Attention to detail assures that superior value is delivered. Because of our complete in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to maintain quality control to the finished product, a feature that has been lost with so much manufacturing done outside of the United States. We are proud to carry that symbol of America.

We are constantly working to develop new and innovative products. Our team of experts work directly with you to solve the issues that are unique to your situation.