CTM AND CTL CARBON TREATMENT SYSTEMSResident contact time is the essential ingredient for a successful decontamination process. Less is best when adsorbing organic contaminants. Whether choosing the familiar Penguin P series vertical in tank pump, horizontal centrifugal design seal-less magnetic drive or mechanical seal style Penguin has the right pump for the right job. All models take into consideration the flow and performance values you expect in a superior product.

Filter Pump Industries offers complete single or dual chamber systems with slurry tank for the more contaminated baths requiring more holistic and aggressive approach to organic removal. Our slurry tank configuration allows pre-coating of the cartridge media (1-3 micron density) with flocculent producing a very tight filter surface to trap and capture the loose powder carbon. All Penguin systems take into consideration the flow and performance values you expect in a superior product. Penguin has the right treatment system for you.

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