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Kynar PVDF Resin Melt Blown Filter Cartridges with Cores


Kynar PVDF Resin Melt Blown Filter Cartridges with Cores 


FPMBC series filters are graded density melt blown type depth filters made from KYNAR-PVDF resin fibers over a robust molded PVDF core.  The filters are optionally available on other cores (such as SS) or coreless. These all-fluoropolymer filters provide fine filtration from 0.50 micron to 25 microns and offer improved compatibility with difficult fluids that would cause many other common filter materials to degrade or swell.


The innovative production process creates a depth filter with superior performance and consistency. Standard graded density cartridges are available along with custom-gradient configurations.  Cartridges are available in lengths to 50” (127cm) and various diameters to 6.0” (15.2 cm)


Some typical applications for the FPMBC filter series PVDF filter are Nitric, Sulfuric, Formic acids. Acidic plating chemicals, etchants, ozonated water, bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bromine solution, gasoline, diesel, jet, biodiesel fuels, oils, organic solvents



.           Broad chemical compatibility

.           Rigid internal core for strength

.           Low pressure-drop

.           High dirt holding capcity

.           Fixed pore structure retains trapped debris

.           Controlled process parameters consistent product


Typical Applications:

.           Concentrated and hot Acids

.           Plating and etchant solutions

.           Ozonated water, oxidizing chemicals

.           Petrochemicals gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, jet fuels and oils

.           Many-organic solvents, plant derived oils and bromine and bromine chemistries

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Filter Pump Announces New Line of Stainless Steel Filter Systems

Filter Pump Industries proudly announces a new line of Stainless Steel filter systems that offer outstanding durability and corrosion resistance across a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Constructed from 304SS or 316SS, these housings can either accept cartridge or bag filters as needed for varying specifications.

Filter Pump SS Filter Systems feature a band clamp closure that makes cartridge/bag change-outs quick and easy.

The vertical sealless pump series PSS is offered along with horizontal centrifugal pump with single seals or optional “HK” Double Seal arranged with a thermal transfer oil-filled seal chamber where oil lubricates and cools the mechanical seals. The “HK” feature eliminates continual flush water from entering the waste stream.

The pumps’ Seal Expansion Chamber provides a cavity with an air space to expand into during the pump operation. Available with Silicon Carbide stationary seats for improved hardness, wear resistance, and superior thermal properties over the older Ceramic components.

Filter Pump’s quality workmanship and design assure superior, consistent and reliable performance!


Filter Pump Industries
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7932 Ajay Dr., Sun Valley, CA 91352